Debbie Kenney and ASDA Sparkle again

We know it is early in 2020 and for most people Christmas is a long way in the future, but not for our friends at ADSA.

Debbie, who is a long term supporter of TOTT presented us with a cheque for £500 on behalf of the ASDA Foundation.

In the Fosse Park store people are given tokens on completing their shop, which they can use to support local charities. In 2019 ASDA supported three local children’s charities of which TOTT was one. Asda doubled the amount collected for each of the three charities, resulting in our cheque for £500.

Can we thank ASDA, Debbie and all the ASDA customers for their generosity not only for TOTT but also on behalf of the other children’s charities.

Each year we are blown away by the way in which the people and businesses of Leicestershire support TOTT. Without you we could not provide much needed toys and gifts to deserving children at Christmas.

We are sure that the ASDA customers know Debbie Kenney well, but for the rest of Leicestershire, Debbie is the person on the right in the photo.

By the way Debbie we love your hair colour this year.