2019 Annual Lunch

The annual Toys on the Table lunch was held at the Marriott hotel on Sunday 16th February 2020, to thank the supporters and volunteers for their efforts in 2019. Also thanks to the management and staff of the Marriott hotel for making us welcome and for their ongoing support in 2019.

Fifty people attended the lunch, including dignitaries, trustees of TOTT, supporters and volunteers. The photo shows Pam Posnett. Chairman of Leicestershire County Council and Mac Clarke, chairman of Toys on the Table with the remains of a most enjoyable lunch.

TOTT thank Pam Possnett for taking the time to attend, giving a rousing speech and for all the support from her and LCC during 2019.

Not to forget her driver Jo, who gets to attend all the TOTT functions. She probably knows as much about TOTT as we do.