A Super Christmas Present for TotT

During his visit in 2014 to Santa’s Workshop, Sir Peter Soulsby, the City Mayor offered us a 5-year free lease on our premises, where all the toys are collected, catalogued, wrapped and distributed. Naturally, we were delighted to accept. We had previously occupied the premises on a “Tenancy at Will” arrangement, which meant that we could be asked to leave at short notice. Such support from Leicester City Council has always been valued, but now the added security of a 5-year lease is a real boost for our team.

We can now make our arrangements on a firm rather than a temporary basis. It will really make a difference! What a wonderful Christmas Present for us! Thank you Leicester City Council and thank you City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby; we really appreciate such support.

Even now in 2017, we continue to enjoy this generous Christmas present and continue to be grateful to the city council and to Sir Peter himself.